4C News

Sunday, October 20, 2019


Mrs. Close's Class ~ Another great week of 4th grade math! Working with the multiplicative comparison has been a challenge, but the kids are getting it! Mrs. Coleates was in on Wednesday to introduce Math Olympiad (MO). Your child should be able to tell you all about it. They are working on some practice problems which will come home in next week's Friday Folder. There is a parent MO letter on green paper that will also give you more information. We'll finish unit 2 during the coming week. The kids will be busy classifying triangles by angle properties, classifying quadrilaterals, finding lines of symmetry, and reviewing the "What's My Rule?" routine to analyze patterns. At this point, you can plan on the unit 2 assessment to be given on Friday, October 25th.

Mrs. Gleason's Class ~ This week we started module 2. It is a very short module and only has 5 lessons. Our first lessons were converting between metric units of measurement (meter, centimeter, kilometer, gram, kilogram, liter and milliliter). The students also solved addition and subtraction problems with those units of measurement. Our last lesson for this module will be on Monday. We will review, and the test for module 2 will be on Wednesday, October 23rd.

Looking ahead... Module 3 is multiplication and division. The children need to practice multiplication facts at home. We will do some practice in school, but home practice is needed as well. Our goal is for them to have automatic recall of the facts. Thank you for your support at home!


Corrected science tests were sent home in Friday Folders. Structures of Life, Part 2 begins this week with crayfish!


Small Groups ~We are finally in small groups for reading instruction! We started last week working with a legend, fairy tale or short fantasy story. The kids and I spend a lot of time discussing plot and its importance. Do me a favor, ask your 4th grader why it's important for them to be able to identify the characters, problem, rising action, climax, and resolution of the story?!?! I hope they are able to tell you that it allows for them to summarize!

Read Aloud ~ We are are still reading Ruby Holler. It's a long story!

PAWS ~ The kids and I are still working on the candy essay!

Social Studies ~ On Friday, the kids will take the mid-unit assessment for the Iroquois unit. This assessment does not require the kids to memorize content. They will apply their ELA skills! There is no studying for this task.

Halloween Party

Thank you so much for contributing to the party. All of the slots are filled. I'm including the link one more time in case there is something you want to send in that I didn't think of! I always try to include an "Other" slot.

Parent Conferences

Here is the link to sign up for a parent-teacher conference.

Longhouse Project

Thank you so much for being so generous with donating supplies! The kids always love this day.


The kids have snack every day after math and before special. There are a few kids each day that forget and are ready to eat by 1:00 since they have lunch at 10:55. I would really appreciate any donations that families may be willing and able to make. I have been bringing in granola bars, crackers filled with peanut butter or cheese, and animal crackers. They truly aren't picky! Thank you in advance for your support!