Apropriate Childen Activites

Activites Apropriate for PreSchoolers BY: Regan Shaffer

What things to do

There are a bunch of things that Preschoolers can do a lot of things, so its good to know what to do, I have listed some activities that will help you expand your kids development. When kids are at the ages 3-4, which are preschoolers, they can ride any kind of four wheel or three wheel toy, catch a ball throw it. They need to do things outside and inside it helps them learn more because they have a variety things to do.


This activity is good for 3 years old because the just learned how to pedal and turn a handle bar. I found this at Toys R Us, i thought about my kids and thought it would be good for them to use. This helps them understand how to steer and could get them use to riding a two wheel bike. You will need the bike and a helmet for safety.


This activity is appropriate for any age group from new born to elders. You can find book pretty much anywhere. This activity can help their expansion of education, depends on what you to them. All you need is to know how to read and having a book would also be helpful for this activity.

Kitchen Sets

This activity is good for toddlers and preschoolers. This helps them learn how make different kinds of food learn what they are and even share with other if they are playing with others. All you need is the kitchen set and the foods that your kid desires to have with the set.


This activity is appropriate for any kids 2 and up. You can find this at Walmart or the Dollar store anywhere really. This help the kids see things visually and memory, it helps them remember where the pieces go and how they fit. All you need is the puzzle and the kid that can use it.