New Country! Liandroice!!!

Replaced Hawaii


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Liandroice has a Limited Government.Which means that our people have more power to decide what people are trusted most to become president and government leaders.Also to make out whats best for the country.We support having a Representative Democracy in which our illegal voters chose who they want to be making the rules, and chose who they want to represent them.(All voters must be 18 or older to participate in the voting of our government leaders and our country president)

Rights & Responsibilities

Amendment I: People shall make no online or social comments to where it is about religion,race,or skin color.Any insults about this matter shall be held upon the the police concern.

Amendment II: People have the freedom of speech, religion,press,and the right to petition.

Amendment III: Citizens have the right to equip weapons of defense as long as being exposed to a contract and having a license written out by dealer.(Having signed a contract,it clearly states that any use of weapons for killing a person or using it to hurt someone will result in consequences)

Amendment IV: Any threatening of government or government officials will result in being interrogated by the FBI, shortly after message.

Amendment V: Any power used by the government that was not assigned in the constitution will result in a punishment and jail time.

Amendment VI: No discrimination is allowed in country. Any sights of this action will be help upon the GOVERNMENT

Amendment VII: Citizens have the right to defend themselves,their family, and friends if needed. If for an unreasonable action that person will be arrested and be taken to jail.(Juvenal for Teens & Kids & Jail for Adults)

Amendment VIII:No victim shall be accused of the same crime more that once,unless it is a serious crime that needs to be taken up by or in court.

Amendment IX:No citizen shall be searched for unreasonable reasons. Police men shall be sent privately by station.

Amendment X:Follow the Ten Amendments


Economic System & Government Control

Liandroice has a Mixed Economy, we have no strait forward rules to follow because having that would make us a Command which we are not, and having no rules on what to put out would make us a market economy. So because it is too confusing we have a mixed economy. While having the government getting evolved their not taking control of everything,so they cant take everything into their hands.Citizens can start their own business and decide what they want to put out.(ex.Kroger,Walmart,Target.)

Most people in Liandroice speak Spanish,since Liandroice is a Tropical Island, lots of people from Dominican Republic. Though it is an island we get products from the US,the things we get are, jeans, girl clothes, boy clothes, electronics, games, etc.

Major Products & Services

1: Sugar Cane which is grown by the beach. Used to make sugar for coffee.

2: Coconuts are used to make the soft cream for the coffee that is made in Optoria,by the best of the best of course.

3: The fruits are the best here in Liandroice we sell most of the pineapples,kiwi, and dragon fruit.

4: Small parts of Liandroice have cattle farms, and because the cattle is in such good condition we are pretty famous for them.

5: Because Liandroice is surrounded by the ocean it gets lots of sea food such as crayfish,lobster,crab,salmon,and different kinds of fish.

1:One of the most famous industries in Liandroice is it's great supply of coal. There is an average of 22,656 coal sold a year.

2:Another great service is the Far Side Ranch where we have all of the best cattle you will ever find.(Opinion) We sell at least 1,000 meat products each 3 months.

3: One of our best services is the Gaming Industry. There we develop the games that any person would want to play.From Ist person shooters to MMORPG Fantasy games you'll love the games. #GAMING ZONE : )

4: Also while having the gaming industry,you cant play video games without a gaming console. Are company that makes gaming consoles are known as the best of the best,making the "best" consoles to meet your gaming needs. For XBox to PS4 they will have it.

5: Also for when you want to come to Liandroice,our airfare service will get you here in a snap while having no known delays because we always take the quickest and safest route.

Culture & Representation

ABC's Of Culture:

E: Our food is Liandroice is mostly sea food because we are surrounded by the ocean. But lots of Dominicans come to Liandroice,so we also make tons of Spanish food.Examples of our food are shrimp,lobster,fish,crab,salmon,Rice with beans,fried eggplant aka. Tostoness, chicken,ribs etc.

L: People in Liandroice mostly speak English,but they also speak Spanish. People who speak Spanish would write their letters in Spanish and for people who speak English would do the same. Not many people use sign language unless absolutely necessary or if its for fun.

O: In Liandroice "old people" are thought to be at an age around 70 to death : ( We treat them as we would treat any other human being,with care and respect. When people do become old they either stay with their family so they can take care of them,or they will come to the retirement center so they can take it easy and have a relaxing rest of their life. High class centers are made so our elderly people can have the best experience.

R: There are very different things to do in Liandroice,for example going to the movies, playing out side, playing video games,going to theme parks,etc. What most kids do is play outside with their friends and have a good time.Some other kids choose to stay inside and play awesome video games.For adults they usually like to go to the movies or go to the club,and sometimes casinos. Families do things that they would always do have fun alone or with their kids,that's why I see most families go to theme parks or go to amusement parks.

Flag Properties:

All the lines and shapes are formed to be in the shape of a jet. That jet was how Liandroice was discovered. The lines below the lined shaped jet show the exact coordinates where the jet first spotted the island. Also the Horizontal Lines and Diagonal Lines show the coordinate lines.

History Timeline

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