Tuning the Body, Mind and Spirit

Please join us for Yogatonics tonight at 6:00!!

This evening we will focus on the 5th (throat) chakra, having to do with communication and walking the talk. Some indicators of being out of balance in this arear might show up as expressing what we think people want to hear rather than what we actually believe. If our lower chakras are out of balance, most likely this one will be as well, because we are still working on developing our own personal truth and the inner confidence we need to express that truth. The throat chakra is where body meets mind, and if our body isn't walking in truth within the lower chakras, we will probably have issues related to the neck, throat, thyroid, etc. Tonight's class will focus on energizing and balancing this chakra.

This is the 5th class in the series on chakras, taking place each Thursday evening from 6:00-7:00 until March 14, class fee is $10. If you'd like to attend, please contact Jennifer at 814.422.3177 or email

Heartspace Wellness Alliance

Heartspace Wellness Alliance provides spirit and space for self-healing, personal development and transformation through its integrated programming and workshops designed to support clients in restoring the mind, body, spirit, and energy. Our alliance seeks to connect people with holistic and counseling professionals from various backgrounds in order to promote wellness in the Central PA community.

For more information on this yoga class or acutonics sessions, please contact Jennifer at 814.422.3177.