the life of walter mitty

kayla rath


the use of daydreams characterizes walter mitty never stands up for himself

claim 1

mrs. mitty talks and yells at mr.mitty and he never says anything to sticks up for himself.

" you were up to fifty-five she said you know i dont like to go more than forty. walter mitty drove to waterbury in silence". why dont you wear your gloves have you lost your gloves? walter mitty reached in a pocket and put his gloves on and when she left he took them back off.

claim 2

walter mitty does not stand up for himself in the car parking lot. the parking lot attendant told mitty to just leave the car there because he could not put it back so the parking lot attendant was making fun of him and mitty didnt say anything until he walked away. mitty said they are so damn cocky they think they know everything but he never said anything to them.


walter mittys wife is always mean to him. does it ever to you that i am sometimes thinking? says walter mitty to his wife when he stands up to her she said that she is going to take his temperature when they get home.