Canada In 2050

Lauren Aldridge


Have you ever wondered about what our country would look like in the future? Say, 20-30 years from now? Forget about flying cars and time machines, there wont be anything about that in this flyer. You're going to be reading about a much more fascinating topic. Excited?

You should be!


Canada's Immigration Situation

Canada is currently facing a labour shortage, meaning that there isn't a high enough ratio of people of working age to people not of working age (seniors & children under the age of 14). This ratio is currently at an all-time low. The problem isn't that too many children are being born, but that the dependency load (proportion of the population that are not in the workforce) is growing rapidly due to factors like the increasingly effective and available healthcare for seniors. This means that people are living longer, and therefore, there are now larger numbers of seniors not currently in the work force. In 2012, the ratio of people of working age to people not of working age was 4:1, and if things continue on this path the predicted ratio of 2036 is 2:1.
To make this situation better for the future, Canada should increase the amount of business-class immigrants they allow into the country. Business class immigrants are recruited for their ability and skills to become economically established. Self-employed business class immigrants will also provide more job opportunities, which will motivate people to become employed.


Canada is currently in stage 4 on the demographic transition model (see below).
Stage 4 is the most stable stage, and therefore is the ideal place to be. A country's transition into stage 4 happens when the birth and death rate are both low. Some factors of the birth rate being low are society's changing views on women being more work-focused than housekeepers, and the high cost that comes with raising children. The average family in Canada now only has 0-2 children, which means that the population is not growing or decreasing, as 2 children per family is what is required to replace the 2 parents.
If Canada continues in this direction, by the year 2050, there will be more senior citizens than people in the workforce, and the system will be unbalanced. This means that there wont be enough people working to support pay the government the taxes that will pay for the well being of the senior population (such as senior homes, and health care). This is a big reason as to why Canada relies on, and benefits from, immigration to increase the population of the never generations.

Canada's First Nations Situation see how that rhymes?)

It is argued that Canada's past and current situations with the First Nations are not something to be proud about, as they have been cheated and mistreated since the first settlements of British colonies. Their women have been sexually abused, and murdered, and their children have been forced to leave behind their aboriginal families, lifestyles, and live in the ways of the British/Canadian. They have been treated for fools, canada has yet to offer an apology.

Wab Kinew

Good Boy feat. Little Hawk, Lorenzo (Boogey) by Wab Kinew
However, I do not believe that an apology would help to improve the way they are being treated. To ensure a better future for the First Nations of Canada, Canada should listen the the new generations of aboriginals who are standing up for the mistreatment of themselves and their ancestors, and create treaties that give the First Nations what they have deserved for so long. I believe that by the year 2050, the First Nation peoples of Canada will be heard by the government, and be given better rights, and given back some of their land.