Korean Migration to the U.S.

By : Brianna Thomas

Why , when & how did the Koreans come to the US ?

Korean migration began in the early 20th century . It consisted of three big "waves" of Korean citizens.The first "wave" was was mainly made up of migrants seeking a better lifestyle. The second consisted of students motivated by educational opportunity ( they came in the first decade or so following the Korean War.) The third began in 1965 with the liberalization of the U.S. national quota system. The first immigrants got to the US by boat, the S.S. Gaelic (Nash)

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Laws in place when Koreans came to the US .

Some laws that were in place when the Korean migrants came to America were the annual quotas of the 1924 Act , which were made permanent . Also , in 1954 , multiple laws which governed immigration and naturalization to that time were brought into one comprehensive statute. This law had many effects , it 1) reaffirmed the national origins quota system . 2) limited immigration from the Eastern Hemisphere while leaving the Western Hemisphere unrestricted. 3) Established preferences for skilled workers and relatives of U.S. citizens and permanent resident aliens. and 4) tightened security ans screening standards and procedures .

How many members came to the US , how they affected the population , and where did they settle ?

The very first ' wave ' of Korean citizens that entered the US was a group of approximately 7,000 uneducated men in seek of work . After the US halted the acceptation of more men to enter US territory , about 1,000 Korean women came to the US as ' picture brides ' . Laws passed in 1924 greatly slowed Korean migrants from entering the US . This change in population took many opportunities from the natives and citizens already skilled in the work . The Koreans first settled in Hawaii , where they would occupy jobs such as working on sugar and pineapple plantations. (Chang)
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Impact on America and Korea made by migrants

In America , Korean citizens affected the United States and its' culture by bringing in more small business . It impacted the Koreans' self esteem after moving to the states , although a majority of them had already earned college degrees and had professional jobs prior to coming to the states . Most Koreans focused on building an economic base for themselves and for their children The more Koreans that left the ' homeland ' , however , left many others lost in a world of more opportunity as well. The more Koreans that left to migrate on to the states left others with the decision of leaving along with them or staying in Korea and living off of what they had , not that it was hard to maintain their just the curiosity of exploration and a ' new world ' soon consumed the population and Americas as well (Zong)
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