The Year of the Hangman

By Gary Blackwood

Main Conflict

Creighton has to decide which side he wants to win the war, the American or the British.



  • Main character of Year of the Hangman
  • Lives in England, but later gets taken to New Orleans
  • Can't decide if he wants to be on the Americans side or Great Britains side

Colonel Gower

  • Creighton's uncle
  • Sides with Great Britain
  • LIves in Virginia
  • Gets taken to jail by the Americans

Dr. Franklin

  • Lives in New Orleans
  • In charge of the Printing Press
  • Creighton lives with him
  • Sides with the Americans


  • Came from France
  • Is on the Americans side
  • Works for Dr. Franklin at the printing press

Harry Brown

  • Creightons dads
  • He helped the Americans
  • He got put in jail for trying to help them

Beginning of Year of the Hangman

  • Creighton lives in Great Britain with his mom. His mom decides she doesn't want to take care of him anymore so she sends him to go live with his uncle, the colonel. This goes with the conflict because it shows that he was on the British side in the beginning and he didn't like the Americans.
  • When he's on the boat to go to Florida with his uncle, when Americans start attacking the boat. The Americans find their way onto the boat. They take his uncle prisoner, but they take him to be with them because they think Creighton's an indentured servant. This goes with the conflict because Creighton has to start living with the Americans, even though he doesn't want to and doesn't side with them.
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Middle of Year of the Hangman

  • Creighton steal a pistol from his American friends, without them knowing, to give to his uncle so they can escape. His uncle leaves him with the Americans even though he wanted to go back to Great Britain with them. This goes with the conflict because Creighton's uncle betrays him, by using him to get the gun and information on the Americans. Then he leaves Creighton in New Orleans.
  • Creighton finds out that his dad didn't die in battle defending Great Britain, he died by helping the American in the end. This goes with the conflict because Creighton is starting to like the Americans and side with them, but he also was still with Great Britain because his dad defended it and he grew up there. Now he knows the truth about his dad and it makes him trust the Americans even more.
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End of Year of the Hangman

  • Creighton goes back to Virginia to help the Americans get information and to throw Great Britain off. This gets rid of the conflict because Creighton has realized he is on the Americans side and will do anything to help them win.
  • They find Creighton's dad, Harry Brown, in jail. They accidentally admit that they were working with the Americans. They then get put in jail. They all break out and go back to New Orleans. They then find out that Great Britain won the war. This gets rid of the conflict because even in the end, after Great Britain won the war he still went back to the Americans territory, even though he could have gone back to Great Britain.
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