Shade from the Hot Sun

Tips on how to build your Makeshift Shelter

Just how important is shelter anyway?

Shelter is your hub of activity. After you return with all the materials you gathered, store you extra materials at our shelter. It also serves purposes as a morale booster, feeling of security, actual security, and it protects you from the weather.

What are some qualities of a good shelter?

  1. Don't make your shelter too big. It must be large enough to protect you, but small enough to retain heat.
  2. A good shelter is insulated from wind and rain.
  3. Your shelter should be built near a good supply of materials such as dry wood and leaves.
  4. A strong structure is very important. Your structure should be able to support your own weight.
  5. If you plan on lighting a fire in your shelter, keep ventilation in mind.

How do I build a...

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How to build a Lean to

  1. First, find a large tree or rock.
  2. Next, Lean large sticks against your tree or rock.
  3. Once your sticks are sturdy, coat the top of your structure with leaves.
  4. Now, put some more sticks on top of your leaves.
  5. Move a few rocks below your sticks so they don't slide away in the night.
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  1. First, look around and grab a plethora of large branches.
  2. Then, stick three branches into the ground and make a tripod.
  3. After that, lean your other sticks up against the tripod.
  4. Next, cover the Sticks with Leaves and other foliage.
  5. Lastly, leave an opening for the entrance.