The temple of Apollo at Delphi

The magnificent temple of Apollo

The history

This temple was made for Apollo, the god of music and healing.
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The temple is located in Delphi Greece
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The temple was originally built in the 8th century BC but was destroyed in the 7th century BC by what is thought to be a fire or earthquake and was rebuilt a few years after.
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About Apollo

Apollo is the god of music and one of the sons of Zeus and Leto. He often is playing a golden Lyre. He is also known as the healing archer due to his golden bow that shoots far ranged healing arrows, but when Zeus chose his powers, he also decided to bless Apollo with the power to bring plague and sickness to the world. Apollo is also strongly related with the sun. His holy animal is most commonly the dolphin.


The Greeks (since they loved music so much) greatly appreciated Apallo and his gifts of music and healing. Making a whole temple to warship him and his powers. Often, when war shipping ceremonies took place music was played all day while people danced and ate at the ceremony.