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PEN Report Cards

PEN report cards will be included in the envelope with your child's second marking period report card. Please let me know if you did not receive your child's PEN report card. There is much to celebrate and I look forward to sharing your child's progress with you.

Gayman PRIMARY - Detective Science

What a fun unit!! Throughout this semester our primary kiddos studied how to analyze finger prints and lip prints, how to deconstruct ink and analyze handwriting, and test acids and bases for pH level. In addition, the have worked to solve logic puzzles, make observations and solve mysteries with very little evidence. As you can see, we have been VERY busy!! To wrap up our unit, we visited Titus Elementary to work as a team to figure out Who Borrowed Mr. Bear?. Your children used many different skills to solve this mystery. Don't ask them who it was because they took an oath of secrecy. :)

We are looking forward to getting started with our brand new Power Up unit. In this unit we will be investigating "the way things work." The kids can look foward to a unit filled with creativity and problem solving.

Butler 3rd - Ancient Cultures

Thank you to our third grade families for all of your field trip flexibility. :) We had a great day at the Mercer Museum. The Ancient Maya exhibit was the perfect way to put everything we learned about this very cool culture into action. We are wrapping up our ancient civilizations unit with research projects. Each child chose an ancient culture to research, and is working to select a presentation method. I have been wowed by the research and technology skills the kids have exhibited through this unit.

We are looking forward to beginning our architecture unit. Through this unit we will discuss architecture in our world, different architectural features, and amazing architecture. We will end the unit with a tour of Doylestown where we will study some of the unique buildings in our town.

4th Grade - Creative Problem Solving

We have officially begun our conversation about the invention process. Groups have been assigned and ideas are flying! At this point, each child has interviewed friends and family members about real-world problems they would like to see solved. As a group, they have worked to come up with many ideas to solve the problems, and are working toward analyzing the best possible solutions. Eventually, each group will be creating a prototype of the invention to be shared at the district Invention Convention. Throughout the next couple months, your child will most likely be surveying you and ransacking your house for materials for his/her invention. The invention itself will be built in the classroom. Thank you for all of your support with this.

Invention Convention

Monday, May 5th, 9:30am

4440 Point Pleasant Pike

Doylestown, PA

Schedules will be provided as we get closer to the date. This is a really exciting day for the kids. All are welcome!

5th Grade - Archaeology

I was beyong impressed with the ancient mysteries projects. Below are links to the videos that some of the kiddos created. The password is PEN. We will be concluding our archaeology unit at the end of January. As part of our study of stratigraphy, the kids participated in a simulated dig last week. The used a variety of tools to isolate the layers of the earth and uncover ancient artifacts.

Next, we will begin our future studies unit. This year we will focus on the First Lego League Naure's Fury Challenge. Your child will be working in a group to solve an issue that is a result of a natural disaster, as well as, program a Lego NXT robot to navigate a course with a series of obstacles.

For more information go to: http://www.firstlegoleague.org/challenge/2013naturesfury

Save the Date: May 21st - 5th Grade Robotics Day at Buckingham Elementary

Stratigraphy Dig

Goblecki Tepe - Austin and Dylan

Mary Celeste - Abby and Grace

Nazca Lines - Athena and Audrey

I:5th grade final projectsstonehenge movie

6th Grade - Robotics

Our sixth grade engineers have been hard at work this semester to solve problems related to natural disasters. The group was given a choice to either work to program the robot to navigate an obstacle course, or work to create a solution to problems that result from natural disasters. Thomas, Sophia and Morgan have worked hard to program, "Cheez-It," our class robot, to perform a number of tasks in our "Nature's Fury" field. Raymond and Eliza are proud to present "The Hail Breaker", which will help to minimize the impact of hail. Clarissa, Anna and Amy are very excited to share "The Purinator," an advanced water purification system. The kids are anxious to present all of their final products at Robotics Day on February 3rd. We hope you can join us in the celebration!

Robotics Day - 6th Grade

Monday, Feb. 3rd, 9:30am-1:30pm

Warwick Elementary School, Warwick, PA, United States

Warwick, PA

All are welcome to join us for this very cool day!