The Making of Mrs. Natalie Leone

You're Invited!

The clock is ticking & Nat's BIG DAY is almost here ...

The journey to Nat's walk down the aisle is going to be filled with milestones and you're a very important part to making those occasions special & memorable, so we want to share a sneak peek of what's to come with you first!

Take a look at the details below, mark your calendars & stay tuned for official invitations & further details!

Here's the Scoop

We are counting down to some very exciting events!

Natalie's SURPRISE Bridal Shower is scheduled and under way for Saturday, November 8th in Staten Island, NY.

Additionally, we have decided to break up the Bachelorette festivities into two parts to allow everyone an opportunity to participate:

1. We will be planning a Bachelorette Weekend Getaway some time in January/February of 2015
  • Exact dates, location and additional details have yet to be determined

2. We realize not everyone will be able to make the weekend getaway, so - in an effort to minimize the amount of days you have to set aside for the festivities, and to be considerate to those traveling for the Bridal Shower - we will be holding a SURPRISE Bachelorette Bar Crawl on Saturday, November 8th following the conclusion of the Bridal Shower.

With that said, we have:

11/8 - Surprise Bridal Shower

11/8 - Surprise Bachelorette Bar Crawl

Jan/Feb 2015 - Bachelorette Weekend Getaway

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So Now What?

Well, we are working vigorously to bring all of the details together to make for some amazing memories!

We hope you can all make it, because we know how much it will mean to Natalie - with that said, our only ask is that you attempt to clear your calendars, help us keep this a complete SURPRISE and give us a couple more weeks to share all the exciting details!

Get ready to party Natalie's single days away!!!

The Crew!

Elyla Huertas

Gabby Diogo

Ori Torres

Monica Vargas

Heather Danatazko

Carolina Moreno

Kathleen Mendez

Maureen Jennings

Tiffany Melendez

Angie Torres

Frances Torres

Ana Dias

Shannon Melendez

Nichole Davis

Jenn Cacace

Man Yan Lam

Dana Knierim

Grace Espinoza

Courtney Fenton

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