First Grade News

Mrs. Clyde - Room 8 - Issue No.15

Clyde's Corner

This last week we worked on relearning the expected behaviors throughout the school. This is where we take the Ridgecrest Way (Respectful, Responsible, Kind and Safe) and break it down into what we expect to see and hear in various circumstances. We have been working on behaviors in the hallway, lunchroom, bathrooms, recess and before school. These tend to be more unstructured times for kids, which is why we work on teaching kids the expected behaviors. One thing I have learned as a teacher and parent is I can't expect kids to know what to do unless I teach them. I am sure you have all experienced how much smoother shopping with your kids is when you tell them before you go into the store that you are not going to buy them anything so don't even ask. The same thing is true for behavior. When we take the time to teach kids what we expect to see and hear in their behavior the chances of them successfully doing it are much higher.

We also have a responsibility to let kids know when we see them doing the right thing. This is where Rocky Rock Stars come in to play. When an adult at school sees kids (any kids!) following the Ridgecrest Way we will often give them a Rocky Rock Star and let them know what we saw them doing. For example, you might hear "thank you for walking safely down the hall". In the classroom we set a class goal for the number of Rock Stars we will try to earn in a month. Then we vote on a reward for meeting our goal. The last 2 months kids have gone above and beyond our goal. In addition to our class goal, every 2 weeks we have a school-wide drawing from each classroom. Two names from each class are drawn and they get to go to Dr. McPeak's office to choose a prize. The kids get so excited hearing all of the names announced and cheering for their friends.

You can help at home by asking kids what the expected behavior is in various places around the school. See if they can teach you! You can also ask if your child earned a Rocky Rock Star and if so, what did they earn it for. We really want kids to make the connection with their behavior and earning a Rock Star.

Thanks for helping your child grow in learning to be respectful, responsible, kind and safe. After all, isn't that what we really want for our children?

Martin Luther King Assembly Friday

This Friday at 9:15 we will have a whole school assembly honoring Dr. Martin Luther King.


We have Parent/Teacher conferences Jan. 21-24. I have created a google doc that allows you to see the most updated schedule and add in your child's name. If a time is already taken, please choose another convenient time. You will see that I have Friday set aside for make up conferences. There always seems to be last minute changes and it is helpful to have time in my schedule for this. We have one late night available. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Click here to schedule your conference:

Dime Stamps

This last week we started earning dimes for classroom behavior. This replaces our star chart and cubes. Each week kids start off with a "paycheck" of $1.00. They can earn more dimes for doing their nightly homework, following the Ridgecrest Way, working together, following directions, listening, etc.... They can also lose dimes after given reminders about classroom behavior (mostly talking and not following directions).

Last Friday we had our first bank (thanks Jeff Beardon for running it). Kids counted their dimes -- working on counting by 10's. Then earned play money and put it in their wallets (envelopes). Every Monday they will have a new paycheck and the chance to earn more dimes. Every Friday we will have bank. At the end of the month we will have a class store. Kids will need to count their money and then are able to go shopping in the class store. Anything they buy with the play money is theirs to keep. It is such a great opportunity for kids to practice counting money, saving, and making decisions about spending in a real life scenario.

If you have any small toy-like items you would like to donate to our class store you can send them in. Most of the items in our store have come from my own kids cleaning out their rooms and getting rid of old toys. Thanks Julia Prosser for sending in some fun items for the store.

Volunteer Banker Needed for Fridays

I am looking for a volunteer that can come in on Fridays to run our class bank. It can be at any time in the school day and will only take 45 minutes to an hour. The banker meets individually with each student to help them count their dimes stamps and then gives them their money in exchange. You will be helping kids with counting and money as well as some one-on-one encouragement for good behavior. Please let me know if you are available to help. This job could be shared by a couple of people if you are only able to come in twice a month.

Mark Your Calendars

No School - Monday, January 20th - MLK Day

Early Release at 11:10AM - January 21 - 24 - Conferences

No School - Monday, January 27th - Teacher Work Day