How to Make Tiny Teddy Trains

By: Sarah


Tiny Teddy Trains are small mouth-fulls of goodness. They will make you so happy. They are delicious.


To make a good tiny teddy train

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· Chocolate(Melted)

· Smarties

· Milky Way Bars

· Liquorice Allsorts

· Liquorice Sticks

· Tiny Teddies


· Bowl

· Microwave

· Scissors/Knife


1. Get your milky way bar.

2. Melt the chocolate in a bowl in the microwave.

3. Get your tiny teddy and use the melted chocolate to stick it on the milky way bar in the middle.

4. Get your liquorice allsorts and cut it into little rectangles.

5. Stick the liquorice allsorts using the melted chocolate onto the back of the milky way bar .

6. Then get your liquorice stick and cut it a little.

7. Then stick it onto the front of the milky way bar using the melted chocolate.

You are done!!Enjoy


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