The Great Sphinx!

By: Kori Aitken & Carter Lewis

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  • The Sphinx is located near the Great Pyramid of Giza at 29.97521 degrees North and 31.137453 degrees East.
  • The Sphinx is 20 meters high and 73 meters long.
  • The Sphinx is made of limestone, and has 2.3 million limestone blocks, each weighing 2.5 tons each which = 5,000 pounds. WOW!
  • The Sphinx was thought to be built by Khafre.
  • It is also thought to be the face of Khafre.
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  • Large human headed lion with a pharaoh's headdress that is called Nemes.
  • If you look closely at the Sphinx you can see that the nose is missing.
  • The human head is a symbol of intellect and the lion's body is a symbol of power.
  • There are possible secret rooms inside!!!
  • The Sphinx was thought to ward off evil spirits from Khafre's tomb.
  • Many legends are about the Sphinx... HERE'S ONE!!!


A prince of the pharaoh had a dream that the Sphinx said "If you uncover me, you will become the next pharaoh of Egypt." So the prince gathered a group of workers and uncovered the Sphinx from the sand. When the pharaoh died a few weeks later he became the pharaoh.
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That's only some of the secrets of the Sphinx - others are waiting to be uncovered - And that's the Production's end.


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