Improvement of Learing

Hunt Harrison

Improvement of Memory

Attention is one big way to improve memory. In order from memory to go from short term to long term you have to attend to the information. Ask for some space or time alone so you can fully learn and understand.

Avoid cramming. Study regularly because you will do much better.

Be organized and structured so that everything isn't a jumble and you can find stuff.


Elaborate the information you are learning and repetition is key. Rehearse the information multiple times to ensure you are learning and have completely gained the knowledge that you need to know.

Visualize concepts: use a highlighter, draw pictures, underline. Anything that is going to help you ensure that you know the information.


Relate things that you are learning to things that you already know. This will ensure you a way to learn it and keep it learned.

Talk to people about the information and relate to them about what you have learned and what they have learned.