Fidel Castro

Dictator of Cuba

Fidel Castro: OverView

Fidel Castro was born on August 13, 1926, on his familys sugar plant near Brian, Cuba. At the age of 6 he begged his parents to send him to school. He went to two different Institutions, THe Colegio Lasalle and the Colegio Dolores both in Santiago, Cuba. In 1945 Fidel Castro went to the University of Havana's Faculty of Law, and earned himself a law degree. In 1950, He went into practice with two friends from Havana. He devoted his work to helping the poor. He was a Cuban communist revolutionary and also a politician. He was Prime Minister of Cuba from 1959 to 1976, and President from 1976 to 2008.
Fidel Castro - Mini Bio

Video Analysis

I chose this video because it gives the listeners a brief bio of Fidel Castro yet still is able to show that he was good and bad. He did many different things for the people of cuba. He did not support communism yet he was a supreme dictator. He made cuba known by the world as a country not just a small chunk of american colonization. It tells the listeners that he nationalized health care and maintained a socialistic state. Even though he did some good things durning his 40 year reign but he was best know for the bad things. He was a puppet of the Soviet Union. He made Cuba anti-American. The worst thing he is known for is the Cuban Missel Crisis. Which lead to the failing of Cuban Economy and the fleeing of thousands of Cubans to America.

Political Cartoon

Cartoon: Whats Going On?

In this cartoon that I drew, Cuba is chained up by Fidel Castro the faceless figure carrying the Cuban flag behind him. I drew this cartoon because Fidel held his rein of terror over Cuba for over 40 years, locking the people into his control giving little freedom and making Cuba known with him as the supreme Dictator.

Essential Question

How is Fidel Castro seen by the majority of citizens in cuba ?


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