Convocation of Learning

Tips, Tricks, & Good News at Schoolcraft CS V58

Now We're Rolling Edition

So we are heading into our 2nd week of school huh? Do you have a good idea of who's in your classes and are starting to formulate what they need? In this issue, we'll hit on some early tips and tricks to try out something new while the iron is still hot! Also, you'll find out the new "20 minute bytes of learning" program we're starting!

PD on Your Time - "20 Minute Bytes of Learning"

As your teaching and learning coach, I (Matt McCullough) want to best accommodate our learning and support on your time. This year instead of only before/after school PD we are going to try "20-Minute Bytes of Learning".

Each month there will be 2-3 different bytes you can order up by booking me (or sometimes your peers in the future) at the buttons below and listing the best time for me to support you and your students. Whether it be at your PLC late starts, lunch, planning, before/after school, during a class to model or any other time, if it is available on the calendar on the end of the button, it is yours!

Never hesitate to ask for additional topics or ideas but those listed below are current according to teacher requests and trends in teaching and learning. Once clicking the button you will be prompted for a day/time and location of the PD as well as a reminder of the topic you selected. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

The NEW Google Classroom - 20 Minute Byte of Learning

Click this button to book me for a 20 minute 1 on 1 about what is new and awesome with the NEW Google Classroom!

PBL & Strategic Partnerships-20 Minute Byte of Learning

Click this button to book McCullough for a 20 minute 1 on 1 about how to implement PBL in your classroom and some examples of Strategic Partnerhships we've already began at SCS!

28 Student-Centered Instructional Strategies

CLICK HERE to find out 28 ways to make sure your students are at the center of your instruction!

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8 New Tools You Didn't Know Existed

Like to try out the newest apps to innovate your classroom. Want to maximize that 1:1 device in your classroom? Use this button to explore 8 NEW tools you probably didn't know existed!

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Educational Enthusiast

I absolutely love to talk about anything education. I can help rework or refine anything you've always wanted to try! Just CLICK HERE and let me know when and where you'd like to work! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Student Tech Team in Full Effect!

MS/HS students or teachers need help with your Chromebook?

MS/EL students or teachers want help or an extra hand with tech?

USE THIS WEBSITE to check out tips and tricks or fill out our tech request form to get HS students to help you quickly! Customer service and helping everyone learn are our goals!

You can always find our site and form on the Maintenance and Tech Page on our Schoolcraft website.

Personalizing Your PD with EduPaths! is a state-run website (see: your taxes are paying for it!) of PD opportunites you can choose and complete at your pacing! Interested in learning about something? Chances are they have it! Bonus: you get SCECHs of completion!

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