Teens playing online games


playing online games

teens play online games about thirty min. thats what they said. don’t share private info for a games . games have direct educational benefits. they can help you with vocab.

one of the best things about online gaming is that you can play anywhere anytime online games Games are rated for your age. you can use a games system like xbox 360 or playstation we think that playing games with your information is bad.

different kind of games

Some games can help your logic thinking and to get smart but others are killing, and funny, and stupid They’re are games that have math games, spelling games, aThere are ratings to help you pick the right kind of game for you. When you get a account for a online game sometimes they charge you money. It may seem like you're not spending but you are. It keeps adding up.

Americans spent over 15 billion on games in 2010!!! Never spend money without talking to your parents first. Thousands of people play multiplayer games. Many teens play xbox life it is a thing where you can play with other people on different games. Some people think that playing games is a joke. Sometimes they can help and sometimes not.


Don’t ever let a game look fun in school you could get in trouble. Mostly teens play games during class. when they aren't suppose to. Some people might send you threatening messages or harassment. Don’t respond to his message or her message.

Responding will only encourage the bully and let him see that he is getting to you. Don’t let bullies giving you grief keep you from enjoying the fun of the game online. Bullies like to get people mad and get their attention. That will only cause chaos.

teens playing online games