Family Traditions

Sociology Project by Cooper Stubblefield

Christianity (Entire family)

Both sides of my family come from christian backgrounds. Members of my family are, for the most part, church-going people.

Drumming (maternal tradition)

My mother's side of the family is full of drumming musicians. Her parents met in a drumline, her uncle is a professional drummer, and there are even more examples further generations back. (I also conform to the tradition.)

Educators (Both sides)

My mom's a teacher. Her dad was a also a teacher, and a principal, and a superintendent. My dad's sisters are all teachers. Their mother owns a private school. Yeah, we've many teachers in our family.

Christmas Visits (both sides)

Each christmas, my nuclear family pays a visit to both sides of the family.

Family Reunions (Paternal side)

My dad's side has quite a bit of history (and a lot of people) connected to it. Every few years we meet at Funk's Grove for a Stubblefield-Funk reunion. (It's all one family.)

Thanksgiving Dinners (Both sides)

Just another reason to get together, Thanksgiving is a time when my family converges for food and fellowship.

Corned Beef on St. Patricks Day (Paternal Tradition)

The original Stubblefields came from Ireland. Even if they didn't, corned beef is good enough to justify dining upon it annually without any sort of heritage connections.

Seasonal Decorum (Both sides)

Each time a new holiday appears over the callender's horizon, the people of my family (predominately the womenfolk) deem it necessary to co-align their decorum to it.

Dining out with family (nuclear tradition)

Whenever another family member enters Springfield, my nuclear family finds it customary to honor them with a restaurant dinner.

Measuring Height on the Wall (paternal tradition)

It seems ridiculous to still mark if my six-foot four uncle has grown every year, but none on my dad's side are unwilling to let the tradition die.

Focus on Literature (tradition i hope to implement)

Excepting myself, hardly anyone in my family spends any time reading for fun. I'll try to encourage it a bit more if I ever have a family of my own

Greater Musicallity

Most members of my nuclear family have dropped the proverbial baton when it comes to music. Had it not been for the influence from my maternal grandparents, i probably would have never become any sort of musician myself. Its just another thing I would try to greater encourage had I family of my own.

Relating these traditions to vocab words

Value-Christianity is but a set of values and people who support them.

More-Many members of my family hold the title of "educator" to be one of high esteem

Taboo-According to my nuclear family, to refuse a visiting member a restaurant-visit would be a somewhat severe taboo.