Curtis 4th Grade Newsletter

October 12- October 16

Important Dates

October 13-Curtis Cici's Night-4th Grade Teachers will be SERVING!

October 16-Scholastic Book Fair Begins

October 20-Lunch With A Loved One (A through L)

October 21-Lunch With A Loved One (M through Z)

October 22-Family Night at the Book Fair (OPEN UNTIL 7)

October 22-PTA General Assembly Meeting

October 23-Picture Retakes

Help us to add more BOOKS to our Classroom Library!

Please clip and send your SunnyD and Fruit2O UPC labels to school by November 30th! Thanks SunnyD!
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What is our MAIN FOCUS this week?

ELA-Personal Narratives

SS-Exploration of Texas

Math-Multiplication and Division Strategies

Science-Forms of Energy


You may send box tops to school at anytime! We will be having our annual box tops contest in February. However, you can turn them in to your child's homeroom anytime and they will count towards the contest.

Homework Updates and Reminders

  • From your 4th grader you should be seeing Math homework brought home at the beginning of the week that is due at the end of the week. Please encourage them to complete this to their very best ability. Also, the nights they are free of homework or have extra time, please encourage them to get on Think Through Math.

  • In ELA, you won't see weekly homework coming home as we expect each student to READ 40 BOOKS (on their level) this year. They should be reading AT LEAST 20 minutes a night. They have all had a chance to go to the library and we also try hard to build great classroom libraries they can check out from as well.

4th Grade General Reminders

  • Students whose parents/guardians bring in or drop off food from a restaurant will sit at a designated table.
  • If cupcakes or similar store-bought treats are brought in for a birthday, they must be served in the classroom at the end of the day.
  • No early dismissal after 3:00.
  • We teach from bell to bell. Please do not check out students early, unless absolutely necessary.


This newsletter is now being mostly created by your own 4th graders. Soon you will be seeing news articles and pictures written and taken by students. Please encourage your students to write whenever they get a spare chance!