Balance of power


What is the size of the country's area?

Mexico has an area of around 761,600 sq miles.

Mexico is actually the fifth biggest American country, so they use this fact to show that they have a big territory.

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What is the population of the country?

Mexico has a 119,713,203 people population.

They also are the most populated Hispanic country which means that have a little more opportunity to generate jobs.

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How well educated and united is its population?

Basic education includes preschool, primary school and lower secondary school. Federal, state, and local governments provide 93 percent of basic education, while private schools provide about 7 percent.

Even if the Mexico's education system is not a top one, they can maintain the standards.

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How large and well-equipped are its armed forces?

The Mexican armed forces are composed of two independent entities:

The Mexican Army, which includes the Mexican Air Force (FAM). The Presidential Guard, Military Police, and Special Forces are part of the Army, but have their own chains of command.

The Mexican Navy, which includes the Naval Infantry Force and theNaval Aviation (FAN).

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What are the country's physical features?

1. Copper canyon

2. Beaches

3. Yucatan peninsula

4. Deserts

5. Volcanoes

6. Jungles

How productive is the country's economy?