Principal's Weekly

August 26, 2020

Dear Families,

By now, you and your children have successfully completed seven full days of distance learning. Hooray!

I have had the honor of attending several class sessions every day. It has been such a delight seeing children play “20 Questions” with Ms. Ghiorso, retell “Movies in a Minute” with Ms. Kim, or play "Game of Quotes" with Ms. Aza Allan. I am amazed at the creative ways teachers are using technology to engage students. Despite its challenges, they are making every attempt to make learning personal, fun, and relevant.

We are so grateful to you, our wonderful parents. Your support with the startup of school has truly been invaluable. Thank you for helping your children get logged into class on time, getting accustomed to Schoology, and reminding them to attend office hours. It is apparent that you are echoing our expectations around conduct and technology use. Your work behind the scenes was needed, and you responded in ways that often surpassed our expectations.

Now that the second week of school is in full swing and students are more acclimated to the routines and expectations of the school day, it is time to release more responsibilities on to your child. Logging on, making their own snacks, keeping an assignment notebook- look for ways to build independence and responsibility. There is no need to sit alongside your child throughout the day. We want children to practice being leaders of their learning and gain confidence in their abilities.

So, our work continues. This year presents unparalleled opportunity for us as a community to grow and strengthen together. Please, join PTA, contribute what you can to PiE, and check in with fellow parents to see how they are doing. Reach out to our school staff if questions arise. At the end of the day, I hope the most powerful lesson we teach our students is that together, we can accomplish great things!



PS_ Check out this video created by a PAUSD parent to help the community with tech challenges related to managing Chrome profiles.

Our School Website Has a New Look!

Newly added: Palo Verde 2020-2021 Student Handbook

Vote for Your School Site Council Parent Representative

Many thanks to Palo Verde parents Laurence Pichot, Abraham Bagherjeiran, and Cody Keffer who responded to my call for volunteers to join Site Council.

Because we only have one seat available this year, I am asking for the parent community to vote on our who will be our next representative. Please click here for a short bio of each candidate and to cast your vote.

Report Absences Via Email

If you have a child who needs to miss class for illness, travel, appointments- anything- please report them to our office. Send an email to Please also remember to copy your child's teacher to that message.

Attendance Reminder:

During distance learning, students are expected to attend all instructional blocks. In addition to sessions with the classroom teacher, attendance will also be taken at PE, library, and music. Students who do not attend school for 14 consecutive school days risk being disenrolled from the district.


Children renaming themselves with inaccurate names during Zoom has posed challenges for maintaining accurate attendance records- especially PE, music, and library classes. If you have a situation where your child prefers to go by different name, please contact the teacher.

WEBINAR OPPORTUNITY: Setting Students Up for Success in a School Year of Uncertainty

Our school psychologist, Laura Post, recommended this webinar and I thought I would share the link here:

We know the only constant this school year is change. Finding ways to promote autonomy, competence and a sense of relatedness and belonging - which research reveals are the key foundational tools to building intrinsic motivation - is critical for this year and beyond. Join noted author Ana Homayoun as she discusses how we set students up socially, emotionally and academically in the midst of pandemic pivoting and change is key to long-term success.

PiE Needs You

Without PiE, the music, art, library, and additional support staff your children enjoy would not be possible. PiE dollars go directly towards funding staff to enrich the student experience. They help fund our counseling and enrichment programs, and keep our beloved classroom aides in the classroom working with children. Please help keep these activities alive by donating what you can.

Possible with PiE - English

Thank you, PV Community!

Last week, Palo Verde parents Yael Pasternak and Emilie Cappella organized a drive to collect computer monitors for our teachers working from home. Thank you to them and all those who contributed. Your support for teachers is deeply appreciated.