Chinstrap Pengiun

By: Emmy

Geographic location

Islands of Antarctica oceans

Fun fact

Chinstrap Penguins are one of the most easily identifiable penguins due to the thin black line that runs from ear to ear under their chin. It looks like a chinstrap, which is where their name comes from.

They are colored blue-black on their back, white on their front, and their feathers are dense to act as insulation and provide waterproofing. They have red eyes and their bill is black in color.


Chinstrap penguins mainly feed upon krill and small shoaling fish. They feed by diving for prey close to their colonies, each dive being less than 1 minute long and no more than 61 m (200 ft) in depth. They are considered to be near shore feeders, although they can occasionally be seen in the open sea.


The main preditor of the Chinstrap Penguins are leoperd. Eggs and chicks can fall prey to birds, such as sheathbills and the brown skua.

Avarage Height

2 feet to 2 feet 3 inches tall

Avarage weight

6.6 pounds to 13 pounds


14 million (7 million pairs)

Life span

15-20 years

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15-20 years


Antarctic ocean

Georgraphic location

Islands of Antarctica ocean


Least concern.

Come see the Chinstrap penguins!

When: Saturday, February 12th at 12:00pm
Where: Antarctica
What you will see: The animal keepers cleaning and feeding the penguins.

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