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Clifford School Updates...

Dear Clifford Families & Staff,

I cannot begin to thank you all for the encouragement and support during the last few weeks. I know this is a stressful time for all our families and staff and we appreciate you. The Clifford staff are an amazing group of educators who at the last moment were able to pull together classwork, assignments, and activities for your children. Not only were they able to do that, they also stayed calm and positive in the midst of many unknowns that came in moment by moment. Thank you to the staff for always being present with strength and positivity every single day for our students. I want to recognize our families for the support you've given our staff. I realize we are in an unprecedented situation and times like these can be stressful and uncertain and I appreciate all of the patience and trust you have given our school, staff, and district. I appreciate your support and encourage you to reach out to me with any questions you may have.

In Community,

Jude Noyes

Outdoor Ed

I am waiting on word from Dr. Baker if Outdoor Ed. will happen or not. Dr. Baker is waiting on word from the County health officials. We will update you as soon as we know.

Remote Learning Packets from District...

Clifford will have packets available starting Tuesday for pick up. Instead of picking packets in the MUB, we will be distributing packets at the drop off circle. There will many staff members available to run out to the cars to bring you the grade level packets you require. When you pull in the circle just let the staff know what grade level(s) you need and the staff will bring it to your car. If you don't have a car you may walk up to the staff and gather your packet(s). We will begin distribution at 9am-4pm. Additionally, some teachers have already handed out packets for your students, if that is the case you do not need to come collect the packets, but you are welcome to pick them up if you want to have additional work. If picking up on Tuesday is a hardship, you may come to the office at Clifford to pick up the packets in the office during the rest of next week between 8-4.


Online Learning District Dashboard (Clever)

Student home login guide

Help your child use learning technology at home

Our school district is using Clever as an easy way for your child to access all the learning applications they use at school. They can access some of the resources they use at school in one location, using a single username and password.

I'd love for you to help us increase education engagement at home by helping your child access their online learning applications.

How can I help my child log in?

  1. Go to our district website (

  2. Scroll down and click on the District Link to the Clever Student Learning Portal

  3. Log in using either your child’s Clever Badge (QR Code) or their school issued Google Account.

Student Google username hint: flast(last 3 digits of student number) (first letter of first name and first 4 letters of last name)

Student password hint: 55555500 (eight digits)

Need some help? Contact your teacher if you have any questions or problems logging in at home.

Clever Privacy Policy Visit to see how Clever protects your child’s data.

Clifford School

Principal: Jude Noyes

Vice Principal: Tiffany Parrish

Office Manager: Mayra Guerra

Office Assistant: Maria Stockton