Gender and Identity .(:

Jazmie and Viola similarties and difference

who am i ?

When someone ask who am I, I say im very outgoing, nice and one of kind, I love to make new friends, but dont take my kind-ness for weakness because I will put them in check if they disrepect me . Im tiny but I have no filter I say whats on my mind, weither you like it or not. I can be the sweetest girl in the world to you or heartless to you. I enjoy doing sports expeically when its soccer, im very aggressive when I get on the field. Most importantly im an identily twin(:. We do everything together , you wouldnt see me out without her by my side or in the same place im in. Also, im very over protected over my family once you mess with my brothers or sister i go into big sister mood and go crazy, even though my sister older than me by i minute , i still act older.

In the play Twelth Night, Viola is a clever person. shes in the play a guy and a girl just so she can make a better living for herself. You can say she's very sweet and trys to do things the right way. Even if it ends up her not being happy at the end. Viola is more like me. i have more in common with her than any other character in Twelth Night.


Being a girl is very hard !Guys think we should always dress up,wear makeup, and look cute all the time, but when we dont thats when people start judging us . Being a girl is hard. we go through alot just a to be a girl. Expecailly that girls hate on others girls , there are the most jealous human being on earth. If one girl doesnt like you ,most likly her friends wont like you either, its very rair when your friends with someone and there friends dont like you. If you dont have a body then guys wont talk to you , or if you dont have a face your just ugly . If a girl has a face and body she is a hoe just cause how she looks. guys can talk to 4324365 girls but onces girls talk to 354395 boys shes called a slut when guys get praise and calls "hes the man" .

Viola is female that that has to gender in the play. She is a man and a woman in the play. People only see her as a man. Its really hard being a girl , therefore Viola is diguise as a man. She needed some way to make money. In order to do that she had to change her life style. No ones knows shes a woman. Its hard for her being two person at once because then she cant win her love .

similaties and differece

A similarity between Viola and myself is... that we do things we dont want to do just to make a better life for ourself. We both care about people and rather have others happy than ourselfs. Viola keeps to herself like i do. Viola rather give they guy she loves to someone else just to see him happy. I would do the same. If the guy i like , like someone else i would try to help him get the girl.

A difference is between Viola and I is that i only act like a girl. Her on the other hand is a man and woman in the play. She is two different person well i am only one. I dont have to work to make a living like she has to. Her father and brother died , mines are still alive. I dont have to disguise myself just to have a job.

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