natural reserve of yotoco

laura calvo 8D

information of the location and the animals you can observe here

The natural reserve of yotoco is a heritage of the national university of Colombia since august 26th of 1959. it is located at: cra 32#1200 via candelaria, Palmira, Valle del cauca.

Some of the animals that we can observe here are: the daisy podidae, squirrels, birds, monkeys, dogs, cats, frogs, parrots, lizards, etc. There are 140 species of birds and only 13 of them are inmigrated species.

We can observe some plants like trees, palms, lianas, flowers, etc.

negative and positive aspects


  • they want to protect the natural resources that are located in this reserve.
  • they want to create some laboratories so they can do some academic activities with the purpose of transmiting this knowledge for the next generation.
  • they have some guides that show you this reserve.
  • with the help of the community they want to create some activities so the rest of the world can get information about this reserve.

negative and positive aspects


  • it is vulnerable; they need money and a lot of people do not know this place.

things they wish

  • they want this reserve to be famous.
  • they want it to be known not only nationally but also internationally.
  • they want to be known as an important natural reserve.
Reserva Natural Bosque del Yotoco- TvAgro por Juan Gonzalo Angel