Hostess to Earn the Mostest

How to be a successful hostess

Intro to Hostess Coaching Event

I am so excited and ready to help you be an awesome hostess and earn you heaps and heaps of free stuff during your party!!!! BUT we need YOUR help! We will be teaching you the ins and outs of how to be a #1 hostess!!!!!!!! This newsletter will have a run down of all the things that you can and should do to have a wonderfully successful party.

Here's what you are working to earn -->

Norwex offers wonderful hostess rewards. Not only can you earn the products listed but you can also earn products for buying guests and they give you a % of your sales to use towards more products! Pretty amazing!

Getting Started

When your party is created on Facebook, make sure you post a welcome post! (And don't forget a PICTURE!) Say hello, give your guests a quick intro to the party, even tell them what your favorite Norwex product is!

If your friends come into the event and only see the consultant in there, they will be far less likely to stay, because they don't know how fun we can be! Make sure YOU are the first thing they see. Because you're so awesome!!!

Want to Earn More?! Do I really need to ask that???!!

As if you guys weren't getting enough awesome stuff already, here is a chance for even more loot! Complete Rows and Columns on this bingo board to win even more rewards!!! The more of these you do, the better the prize AND the better the hostess rewards! WIN WIN!!
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Remember, this is a party... not a cattle call!!!!

Invite your friends! Don't just add everyone you know! Talk to your friends and see who would be interested! This will make your guests feel special and like they are being invited into an exclusive event! Do NOT mass message everyone (people hate those!) but you can send a basic friendly personal message to each person! We can make it EXTRA easy on you and below you will find some sample messages -that way you can just copy and paste the message to your friends!

You will see a BIG difference when you announce ahead of time. If your guests know and are excited about the party, you'll have far more participation! Remember, you'd never kidnap your friends to bring them to a party... you'd invite them!

Sample messages:

Before the party

Hey there! It’s finally time for my Norwex party! I sent you an invitation to the event page for the party. The party will be going on all week. Bree Mickelson will be posting all kinds of great info about how to clean with no chemicals. The party will be super fun; she even plays games and gives away freebies! If you have any questions, just ask! I look forward to “seeing” you at the party! Just RSVP as “going” or “maybe” so that you can see everything that is being posted! THANK YOU!

Day before party closes

Just wanted to remind you that my Norwex party closes tomorrow night @ 11 PM! Make sure you get all your entries in for the free Norwex cloth! You can still post on all the opportunities, so it's not too late! Here is the ordering link: (you can get this link from your event page)! Please do not feel like you have to buy anything, I just wanted to remind you in case you were interested! Thanks for being part of my Norwex party!

Pro Party Tip:

When posting in your parties ALWAYS INCLUDE A PICTURE. People are more likely to stop and look if there is a picture. Not sure what picture to post? Just post something silly or something like a pic of you or your kids cleaning. It doesn't matter! But always post a picture. We have provided you with a bunch of super fun ones in this newsletter!
Ok, are you ready for my #1 MOST IMPORTANT party tip? Its super easy but it takes a little effort. Post your own posts on the party wall and comment on as many of my posts as you can. That's it. Here is the thing... Facebook is super weird about notifications. Sometimes our posts won't pop up as notifications for your friends, but because YOU are actually facebook friends with them, your posts will send notifications. Plus, your friends want to talk to YOU!!! So be present in your party and post! Easy Peasy!!


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns! If your guest cannot place his or her order, please text or message me! I will be more than happy to place the order for them! Please "join" my Facebook group to stay up-to-date on Norwex products, sales and giveaways!