Venezuelan Revolution

The Revolution Of Venezuela From Spain

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Venezuela Random Facts

  • Venezuela was the leader in Latin American Revolutions.
  • The Andes mountains are found in venezuela.
  • The largest city in Venezuela is Carib
  • Home of the Amazon Rain Forest

What / Why Did It Happen?

Venezuelan Officials were forced to act upon Venezuelan revolts. Mostly slaves but a lot of other citizens joined forces to gain independence. After a lot of bloodshed, Venezuelan citizens were rewarded with independence on April, 10, 1810.Now all that was left was breaking ties with Spain. As a now independent country, Venezuela wanted to support itself without Spanish soldiers monitoring everything. Venezuela was a mostly agricultural society with a lot of farming and raising cattle. Because of Spains poor treatment of Venezuelas land, it became a backwater, a place where the water is stagnant and crops grow slower or not at all. As you can see, this was quite a problem for the people of Venezuela. For these reasons, Spain had to go. With the military leaders, Simon bolivar, Fransisco de Miranda, and Manuel Piar, the venezuelan people fought several battles to remove Spain from the picture. The most important of these battles were the Battle of Boyaca, and the Battle of Carabobo. The Battle of Boyaca: Spanish soldiers were sent to eliminate Bolivar and his men, but the Sapiniard were defeated horribly.

Battle of Carabobo: Spanish officers vcalled a cease fire after they were dominated in the battle of Boyaca. this lasted until April of 1821. Mariño and Pàez, two venezuelan military leaders, saw that they were close to victory. they decided to march up to caracas to finaly destroy Spain. Spanish officer Miguel de la Torre combined all of his armies to stop them. but once again they were no match for the Venezuelan army. Spain finaly gave up as they knew they could no longer pacify and retake this land.

Important Dates

1821- venezuela secures independence.

August 7 1819- Battle of Boyaca.

June 24 1921- Battle of Carabobo.


All of spain

Tomas Boves

Miguel de la Torre--------------------------------------------------------->


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