Welcome to New York !

New York is a fun city. It is the centre of the world and a very multicultural city..!
In New York there is a lot of monuments to visit.

If you are in New York for one day ...

In the morning you should go and visit the Statue of Liberty. It is the most famous monument in New York. It's very tall and made of cooper. The Statue of Liberty was designed by a G.E a French men.In the afternoon you should to go visit the Empire State Building. Every tourist know this monument. It's quite famous for its view. In winter, there is a great christmas Tree and in the summer you can have an amazing view. In the evening, it would fantastic to go and see a musical. At the end of the day, you could spend time with friends in a pud pr a nice restaurants..! I hope you enjoy it..!
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A little story summarize New York.

New York is the most populous city in the United State since the 1898. New York is a city known for his etudes, economic statue, restaurants, monument (Statue Of Liberty). This is a tourist town in summer and in winter, it is well known in the world and finally New York is a multicultural city.