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Dear: Chandler Farrar

I have a very bad game addiction but i don't know how to get rid of it. I'm getting very sick cause of it. It's very hard to get rid of and the people at school won't talk to me. I need you help. Please write me back.

Sincerely, Chandler Farrar

Dear: Gamer Nerd

You have to let go. You can start by putting the settings on where you can only play for like an hour. There a lot of people that are suffering like you. Just take a moment and think about it and think about it and ask do you want to keep getting sick and die or sop playing, Heroes my device

Movie Review

You need to go see Brain Jack. Have you ever seen the best movie in the world:NO!!, well did you ever, think that a teenager boy could take over the world. It has a great story line with the best hackers in the world. There's so much action you could not take yours off while why your watching it . I know you would love seeing the best hacker in the world break in to the highest security system in the world.

Feature Article

In the amazing movie Brain Jack there's a lot of conflict between two of the character's dodge and Sam. Dodge turns on Sam and thinks hes killing people and they start fighting . Sam knocks out dodge and the police are coming in and Sam decides if he should try to escape and leave dodge or try to take him with him but Sam's thinking that dodge will slow him down. That day sam made it out but no one knows if dodge got out in time.
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you need to get the new headset that controls peoples mind and can control anything in the world just turn it on go and its only 300$ plus tax. have you ever had someone bully you well now you can get back at them.