Standard Form

By: Jaspreet Saini

Standard Form Equation

The equation for standard form is y= ax² + bx + c . The a value gives you the shape and the direction of opening. The c value is the y-intercept.

Finding the x-intercepts: The Quadratic Formula

Similar to factored form we are looking for the x-intercepts. Although unlike factored form the x-intercepts are not given to us in the equation, so we have to use another equation to find the x-intercepts.

To find the x-intercepts we will use the quadratic formula which is:

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Practice Question

Okay so lets do a practice question.

ex. h= -0.2d + 2d + 0.3

Looking back at the standard form equation we know we have our a, b, and c values. -0.2=a , 2=b , and 0.3=c.

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After you've completed these steps you just have to graph!
❖ Completing the Square - Solving Quadratic Equations ❖

Try these questions yourself

Rewrite each relation into y=(x-h)² + K by completing the squares

a) y= x² + 6x + 2

b) y= -x² + 80x -100

Given the quadratic relation y= x² - 16x + 60

a) Find the x-intercepts

b) Find the Vertex