Andrew Jackson HERO not zero

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i find it good that he put tariffs on goods from other country's cause it will help us become more reliant on ourselves instead of having people ship stuff to us. It will also help boost the economy production and probably will make people start doing new inventions and it had more supporters then none supporters

wonderful president

He avoid a civil war with the Nullification crisis. He passed the force bill, and with Henry Clays compromising skills, was able to prevent South Carolina from succession.By the end of his presidency, the nation was in its only period of being out of debt ever, and had a surplus on money.Granted suffrage for all white males, replacing property with citizenship as the voting requirement. This helped make the country more democratic, and eligible voter participation increased from 27% to 80%

trail of tears

Van Buran was the enforcer of the Trial of Tears, which killed over 2,000 Indians. While Jackson lead the removal act, it was enviable that whites could not live with Indians. When we mixed whites with blacks after the Civil War, it took 100 years of violence to stop it. While I would say 150 years later, mixing blacks and whites was well worth the struggle, I do have to say more than just the 2000 Indians would die if he did not approve of it.Its also Strange people don't talk about the 100,000+ Indians killed from 1848-1873 during a time of western expansion

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battle of new Orleans ^^^

the battle of new Orleans was a battle where Jackson was the leader and fought against a strong British country without help from other European country after the treaty of Ghent. He led the fight as general and dint know the treaty had already happened. He became very historic for his defeat and known.

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