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September 19th - September 23rd

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Learning Updates

Reading: We will be reading The Supermarket by Kathleen Krull. She is a varied author who primarily writes biographies. She has written many books in the popular Who Was... and The Lives of... series. We will spend some time looking at a few of her other book. I love sharing about authors and introducing students to new books that may interest them. This week we will read another book of hers, The Great Fartiste. From the title, you can imagine it will spark a lot of interest! It is based on a true story and I'm sure you will hear all about it at home.

The Supermarket is an expository text that describes real things and places. Before reading, we will activate background knowledge to make connections. While reading, we will determine the difference between needs and wants (this is a great lesson to practice while shopping in real life!).

During reading, we will also identify sensory words that the author uses to create mental images (whiz, clang, munchy, crunchy, fiery, etc.). Highlighted vocabulary of the week: exchange, bargain budget, browse, product, export, import, trade, spoiled, variety, compromise
Independent Reading: This week we will set independent reading goals to use with nightly homework. In the Bulldog Folder there will be a log to record the title. You do not need to initial the log if you initial the homework calendar.

We will be using our nightly reading to create a piece of classroom art. When a student has completed a book and is ready to share about it, he/she will earn a craft stick to add to our art canvas. I cannot wait to watch our art work grow!!
Skills: We will continue to journal and write personal narratives. We will focus writing about what we know and the world around us. We will use descriptive language to paint images with our words (sensory words, similes, metaphors). We will extend learning the five parts of a letter (heading, greeting, body, closing, signature) and use them in letters to friends and family.
Cursive: We will practice good posture and correct pencil grip. Letters: i, u, w, v, t, p, j.

Word Work:
Long vowel digraphs (two letters that make one vowel sound). Patterns include: ee (teeth), ea (clean), ai (braid), ay (display), oa (coach), and ow (shadow). Words will come home in the Bulldog Folder on Monday along with the pretest.
Grammar: Learning will focus on different types of sentences - declarative (a sentence that tells), interrogative (a question), and imperative (a command).

Math: We will continue to explore addition and subtraction, their inverse relationship and applying our skills to new problem solving situations. We will also continue to develop an understanding that multiplication can be represented through repeated addition.

** Next week we will work on estimation and adding 2 digit numbers. As a class, we will be collecting pennies to fill a jar. After the activity, we will donate the money to a cause determined by the class. PLEASE COLLECT PENNIES. I will tell the students when to bring in their collection. (It is not a contest, any amount is great!)

Social Studies: This week we will continue working on map skills and add finishing touches to our book, Me on the Map. By the end of the week, we will identify continents, oceans, use a map key and discuss scale.

Spanish: During Morning Meeting, we will practice introducing ourselves and greeting each other. We will learn feeling words to ask and answer, "How are you?"

Social Learning

Be Proactive!
Questions of the week:
How can I be proactive rather than reactive?
How can I plan ahead to make my day great?
How can I use my time to get the job done?

I Statements:
I have a "Can Do" attitude.
I choose my actions, attitudes and moods.
I don't blame others.
I do the right thing without being asked even when nobody is looking.

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