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Elizabeth Haddon School - Haddonfield, NJ

Reader's Workshop

Readers reviewed important skills to help with comprehension. We learned how to monitor our reading comprehension by slowing down, re-reading, pausing to think, and stopping to ask questions. We enjoyed our cozies as the computer read-aloud a fourth grade favorite entitled, "Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude". 4K was in stitches as the boy and girl narrator battled to interject their own versions of a fairy tale. At the end of the story, students chose one of the perspectives and illustrated the next few scenes. Then, we paired up with students who had chosen the opposite perspective and we shared our interpretations of what might happen next. Again, we were laughing out loud all over the room! We used the well-known Venn Diagram to compare and contrast our interpretations.

Fourth graders learned and practiced a very important Common Core skill called R.A.C.E. The R.A.C.E strategy will help students to answer questions that ask them to respond to a text. We learned a cool cheer to remember R.A.C.E. Ask your student to share this cheer with you!

R - Restate the question.

A - Answer the question.

C - Cite evidence from the text.

E - Explain your answer.

Writer's Workshop

Authors morphed into real-estate agents during the week of Halloween. We channeled our Halloween spirit by writing real-estate ads for haunted houses! We browsed sample home listings and identified features of each. We determined who our Target Buyers would be - witches, ghosts, ghouls, and Dracula, for example - and we developed a list of spooky adjectives and amenities. Instead of a dining room, many homes came complete with a "dying room"! Some homes were conveneiently located near schools so "you can haunt all you want!" We had a blast!

Writer's recently endured Essay Boot Camp! We learned the basics of essay writing, which we refer to as "Boxes and Bullets". We developed a class thesis statement and three supporting reasons. Students learned the template for a good essay and wrote a flash-draft based on our class discussions. Ask your student about Boxes and Bullets!


Mathletes were introduced to multiplication and a little division, Fourth Grade style! We reviewed multiplication tricks and tips, division shortcuts, and fact families. We identified new symbols for multiplication and division including (*) and (/). Your student understands that learning their Math Facts is critical to their success in Math. Please support your son or daughter in mastering their facts this year.

Students also practiced strategies for solving Word Problems or Number Stories. We learned that math can get crazy in fourth grade... For example, when you're solving a word problem where you need to figure out an unknown, instead of putting a question mark in the unknown spot, you can add a LETTER. Isn't that just nuts?! Some students caught on that this was the beginning of Algebra, and therefore, feel very mature and special! Well done, 4K!


Scientists observed changes in their ecosystems. We identified the three parts of an ecosystem including producers, consumers, and decomposers. We played a game called Predator & Prey to illustrate predator and prey relationships in the wild. We identified three types of consumers - herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores - and looked at pictures of teeth to learn how to identify a consumer, if you don't have the background knowledge to know what it eats.

We went outside to play a fourth-grade-favorite tag game called, "I Will Survive" to illustrate the necessary balance to a food chain. Students played the role of a grasshopper, frog, or hawk. Cheerios acted as producers. The video below illustrates how the grasshoppers were sent in to the ecosystem first to collect food, followed by the frogs which ate the grasshoppers, and the hawks which ate the frogs. We played a few rounds and students were stunned by how nature is able to balance itself out so living things can survive.

password: 4kaubin

To put to the test our new understanding of a food chain, we dissected Owl Pellets! Owl Pellets, to put it nicely, are balls of throw-up from an owl. Students had a blast dissecting the pellets to identify the bones of an owl's prey. Check out some pictures below!
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Social Studies

Historians read with partners to learn why Europeans left their home countries for the new world. We identified three of the most popular reasons including religious freedom, opportunity for wealth, and the prospect of a better life which we coined as "the grass is always greener" mentality. Students explored what life was like for the colonists. We discussed the role of each family member to the development of homesteads, new towns, and new churches. We used our critical-thinking skills to exercise empathy for the way of life of the colonists. We thought about how we would feel if we had to live like the colonists did. Some of us questioned how the European governments felt when many people were leaving for the colonies. We're curious to see how the British government reacted...

Our Walking Trip to Borough Hall

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Things to Note

Next Week's Highlights

Monday, 11/17

  • Day 6: Chorus, Art

Tuesday, 11/18

  • Day 1: PE, Health

Wednesday, 11/19

  • Day 2: Library, *Orchestra*

Thursday, 11/20

  • Day 3: Spanish, PE,*Band*

Friday, 11/21

  • Day 4: Music

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