Fakebook Project

People of "The Odyssey"

General Directions

Towards the bottom of this page, you'll see your name and a list of five characters who will appear in our text The Odyssey. Choose three of the five characters. Then make a Fakebook Profile for each of the three you chose. You may use the Internet (I've provided three websites to help you get started) to find the information. Have fun with this! Some of the sections will ask for your creativity - Groups, Education and Work, and the Wall Post. Once completed, I will compile all of the profiles into a Google slides presentation as a reference guide for the class to use throughout The Odyssey unit.

Remember to first make a copy of the Google doc and rename “Your Last Name-Fakebook Profile-Character Name” (You’ll need to make a copy of this document three times, one for each character). Then insert textboxes and fill in the information. Once completed, share your Google doc with both of us: mfricko@redbankvalley.net and kswboyles85@gmail.com

Grading the Assignment:

Each Facebook Profile is worth 10 points for a total of 30 points for this assignment.

Where should I look for information?

Myth Web

Greek Mythology


There are also TONS of other websites you can use to find the information. Additionally, there are a handful of Greek Mythology apps you may be interested in downloading to use for this project.