Top Jobs of 2014

Dylan Tipton

Top 10 Jobs of 2014

  1. Software developer (90,000 a year)
  2. computer system analyst (80,000 a year)
  3. Dentist (140,000+ a year)
  4. Nurse practitioner (91,000 a year)
  5. Pharmicist (116,000 a year)
  6. Registered nurse (65,000+ a year)
  7. Physical therapist (80,000 a year)
  8. Physician/surgeon (187,000+ a year)
  9. Web Developer (62,500 a year)
  10. Dental Hygienist (71,000 a year)
A software developer designs projects. A computer system analyst study organizations current computer systems and procedures. A dentist diagnoses, prevents, and treats any problems with the mouth. A nurse practitioner diagnoses and manages most common illnesses. Pharmicist prepare medications and fill doctor prescriptions. Registered nurses provide and coordinate patient care. A physical therapist nurses a person who has been badly injured back to health by working with them on flexibility and strength. Physicians and surgeons do surgeries and cure many different illnesses. Web developers provide services to build and maintain high end websites. Dental hygienist examines the gums and teeth before anything is done.
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software developer is the number one job because you can do it anywhere in the world and technology is becoming more and more used.

Computer system analyst is the second because technology is becoming more used.

Dentist is third because their is a huge need for good hygiene and it has good pay.