Gurupurnima Full Moon Celebration

Come and join us Monday 22nd July Evening 7.30pm - 9.00pm

A powerful energising evening meditation

The Full Moon in July is the Guru Purnima and many of the spiritual traditions around the world celebrate this special day dedicated to the memory of all Masters. It is the day to review one’s progress on the spiritual path and renew one’s determination and focus on the goal. A day to be grateful for all t hat you have achieved in the past and resolving all that you want to do in the coming years.

Guru Purnima honors Shiva “the First Yogi” teaching the yogic techniques to his seven students & the great sage Vyasa, who is a symbol of the sacredness of the Guru/disciple tradition. This auspicious day is also celebrated by Buddhists in honor of Buddha, who gave his first sermon on this day. The Native American tribes called this the Buck Moon and Full Thunder Moon, as thunderstorms are most frequent during this time. In the Celtic Tree tradition, this is the time known as the Holly Tree Moon.

Did you know that during the Full Moon there is a pressure on your glandular system which can either make us erratic and fanatic OR this same pressure can be used to accelerate healing on all levels! Because our glands are most active, one can feel very emotional and reactive, or, if we channel that energy, it affords the opportunity to make great gains on the inner planes and accelerate emotional healing.

Come and join us for a one hour powerful Full Moon Meditation Take your practice one step further with “Sudarshan Chakra Kriya” an ancient Kundalini Yoga meditation that gives you the “power to rotate the psyche of the universe” and lets you command your five tattvas for effective living. Through chanting and visualization this meditation clears the heart center, brings mental balance, protection, eliminates enemies and blocks the impact of animosity.

“The heart center is the strongest of all centers. The heart has the power of 108 suns. Whenever you pray with the head, it takes a long time before you see the desired goal. Whenever you sing or pray from your heart, it will be timeless, spaceless, and absolutely effective.” Yogi Bhajan

Your energy will be at his highest – use it to go inward, transcend the mind, and feel the Divinity within. The time of the full moon is a period when spiritual energies are uniquely available and facilitate a closer rapport between humanity and the Divinity.

Rs 300 per person

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Full Moon Meditation

Monday, July 22nd, 7:30-9pm

Taan Maan Yoga, Pune, Maharashtra, India