Is Technology Controlling Us?

By Allana Matthews

Is our world a dystopia?

What kind of world do we live in?
Do We Control Technology or Does it Control Us?

Though we love our technology, it is controlling us.

What would life be like if there was no technology? How would we survive? No cars, no television, no phones! Our society would fall to pieces. The United States there is today would not be able to sustain itself. Though technology is very much loved, it is controlling the population.

Most of today's teens can't go one hour without using one of the many developments in technology. The iPhones, iPads, the social media is just calling their names. The citizens of society nowadays are revolved around the electronics at their fingertips. A simple push of a button or touch of a screen could give you anything you want to know. You can watch your favorite celebrity's life right on a television screen. Everything you could ever want is at your disposal.

Yet, with all good there is evil. With every Internet window you open, you subject yourself to negativity. A video of your favorite musician has multiple comments on how terrible s/he is. Post a picture on your favorite social media page and you a vulnerable to bullying. Yes, technology is extremely helpful but we should be able to put it away and read a book once in awhile.