Event Planner

Created By: Kayla Graham

About Me:

Growing up I've watched my mother create beautiful center pieces, the bride's perfect wedding, and birthday parties beyond a kid's wildest dream. She has inspired me to reach for the stars and not settle for a job that does not make me truly happy.

I have a passion for anything involving creativity. Pushing myself beyond my limits and accomplishing a project I never thought was possible is something that brings me great joy.

My goal which is already in the process of working itself out is to open my own business, and venue. I hope to not only hold events like weddings, parties etc. but to also provide it for street dancing classes, and as a permanent location for students involved in young life to attend.

Career Field:

The career I plan to pursue is event planning. Event planners make sure meetings and other gatherings are accomplished flawlessly. Handling the details like decorations, the venue, food, etc. for events like weddings, business events and more is what the job in tells.

Different Areas of Event Planning:

Education Requirements:

Graduating college with a bachelors degree in either business, or event planning is extremely beneficial. After graduating, it is not required to apply for an internship but it has been highly recommending according to a variety of articles I have read.

Salary Information:

Start out salary: $20 an hour

Monthly salary: $4,786

Yearly salary:$57,434

Potential earnings: $28 an hour

Research on a Successful Person:

Bill Gates

  • Known as the most successful man in the world.
  • Built his own software company and became the worlds richest man. Started with a small business and transformed it into a multi-billion dollar company.

Thesis Question and What Answers Meant to You:

Event planning is the job of my dreams. Interviewing Tracey and hearing her responses to my questions just made me even more sure of this. She had absolutely nothing negative to say about her job other than "the worst part about the job is staying in the budget".

Relationship Between the Research and your interview:

I have done a hand full of projects regarding this career choice since freshman year. At know point in time have I had a change of heart. There has been slight curiosity as to If the people who pursued this job truly enjoyed it. Interviewing Tracey helped with every doubt I may have had.

Work ethic requirements:

  • The ability to manage creative production elements.
  • Assist sales in developing and writing innovative proposals.
  • Members shall provide compassionate, professional service at all times.
  • Treat other professional members with respect.
  • Apply legal contracts in order to protect the client as well as themselves.

Majority of these work ethic requirements do not apply to me yet (legal contracts, treating coworkers with respect etc.) considering I am not currently an event planner. I feel that I am on the right track though; I am compassionate and professional in many areas of my life. Respect is given to anyone of higher authority than me as well.


This project has taught me responsibility. without it, meeting the deadlines and finishing the project would have been a battle.

I would like to thank Mrs. Litchfield for constantly going out of the way to help every single one of her students. I would also like to thank Tracey, the woman I interviewed for giving me the opportunity to interview her. The last group of people I would like to thank are all of you for taking the time out of your day to be here, I really appreciate it.