iPads @ Elkanah

SP Staff iPad Bootcamp

Challenge #2 - iMovie

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Your task:

Your team will work collaboratively to create a 30 second Public Service Announcement using iMovie.

  • Refer to this spreadsheet to view the members of your team. The staff member that has their name in bold will be the Leader of your team. You will use his/her iPad to create your PSA.
  • Your Leader's classroom is the headquarters for your team! Meet there for all planning, collaborating, designing and creating. Go to that room as soon as possible. The sooner you get there, the sooner you can get to creating.
  • You only have 45 min to complete the task!

Your topic:

"How to..."

Your "How To" instructional video PSA could be subject specific, school specific, or downright off-topic.

Be creative, think outside the box. Most importantly, have fun!

Your guidelines

  • The iMovie app must be used to create PSA.

  • You must include ONE (you can use more than one if you wish) other app to supplement your PSA. The product you create with the the supplemental app(s) must be in your completed PSA.

    • Doodlebuddy, Tellagami, Skitch, would be easy to use supplements.

  • You must have visible text in your PSA, i.e., "Math Rocks" title at the beginning of your PSA.
  • Each group member must be “seen” in the PSA.
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Thank you

Your role as the teacher is very important in this 1:1 programme. Without you there cannot be such a programme, but remember this - without teachers school is nothing. YOU are still central to the learning of our students. Technology cannot replace teachers, technology does not have a heart beat. You do. You matter.

Thank you for your support in this journey so far. We look forward to your continued support throughout the year and wish you well on your personal iPad journey!

Adapted from:

Craig Badura's iPad Challenge: https://www.smore.com/b2pr