Benjamin Franklin

When he found out electricity 💡🔦

When he was a founding father

Benjamin Franklin was a founding father of the United States.

What would he do

Franklin was a leading author,Pinter, political theorist, scientist,inventor,civic activist, statesman, and diplomat. As a scientist, he was a major figure in the American enlightenment and the history of physics for his discoveries and theories regarding electricity. As an inventor, he is known for the lightning rod, bifocals, and the franklin stove, among other inventions. He facilitated many civic organizations, including Philadelphia's fire department and a university.

When Benjamin Franklin found electricity

Benjamin franklin first shocked himself in 1746, while conducting experiments on electricity with found objects from around his house. Six years later and exactly 261 years ago today,mother founding father flew a kite attached to a key and a silk ribbon in a thunderstorm and effectively trap pen lightning in a jar.

When Benjamin franklin died

On April 17,1790 American statema, printer, scientists, and writer Benjamin Franklin dies in Philadelphia at age 84. Born in Boston in 1706, franklin became at 12 years old an apprentice to his half brother James, a printer and publisher