Pacific Performing Arts

Crafts, Music and Dance

Ngatu/Tapa painting

This is a time used by village women to get together and help one another design and paint ngatu. It is a time of gossip, fun and laughter. We have adapted this to suit our option and have talked, laughed and listened to music while painting our individual tapa.

Every Friday morning for four weeks

We have celebrated and shared in the culture of the Pacific people. As a Pacific person who grew up immersed in the culture, you have made me very proud in your display of enthusiasm, willingness, and productivity in making tapa, coconut bowls, and your dancing performance. You have all lived a very typical island lifestyle for the hours we have spent together.

Pacific Artists/Performers

Fun, Friendship and Fellowship

Environment playing a part in the process

Digging up coconuts buried in the soil for a week. The purpose - to enhance the colour of the shell and turn it a darker colour.