USA Bombing Japan

Vincent Thurman

The W's

Harry Truman ordered the use of bombs on Japan happened during WWII. Japan first attacked us at Pearl Harbor and we just simply responded. However, we ended up bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He simply wanted to end the war with the least amount of causalities.
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What Americans think about the Bombing

Americans think that the bombing was justified. This is because the American government had warned the Japanese that the Americans would bomb them if they did not surrender. Unfortunately, they did not listen, and the Americans did it.

What the Japanese think about the Bombing

It seems that most Japanese people do not blame the American people for dropping the A-Bomb. However, they do expect them to mourn for the dead. The Japanese people think that it is best that the American people do not use the A-Bomb on anyone ever again.

Media Bias

Basically, the media was portraying the A-Bomb as an act of morally right action. However, it seems that most people would think that the A-Bomb was a correct act, however they don't think that it is morally acceptable. But, I think that the bombing was justified. This is because the Japanese were warned.

Criticism #1

Historical criticism plays a big factor in this event. This is because now we know that using an A-bomb does a lot of damage, and we know that we should never be able to make or use bombs like this again.

Criticism #2

Marxist Criticism is used by our country becoming one of the strongest countries in the world after this war. The power and strength of the American military is a result in a countries power. And the USA has lots of it.
'I'd drop atomic bomb on Hiroshima again if needed' - Enola Gay last living member