Give it, to get it.

Hafsa Enayat


It is a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something induced by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.
Terry Fox could sit at home when he was diagnosed with cancer and his leg was amputated, but instead he started a cause which is still alive to the present day.
He, by his ample contribution, showed a high mark of respect to those who are suffering. He set a great example by being considerate and encouraging others to do the same. He went out of his way to support the nation, this high remark of respect will always be in our hearts.

10 ways to show respect

This link provides excellent points on how you can respect others, not only will it benefit the society but our inner selves too. Respecting others brings a great deal of positiveness in our life, and this site tells you how. To sum up all, respect is by considering everyone valuable.

That Thing Called Respect

This video shows how a person can feel lost if they disrespect everyone, he is left alone one day. But God gives us another chance to recover our mistakes, by respecting everyone, we are spreading happiness and we also feel happy inside. When we respect others, they also respect us in return, which makes us all one whole big community. Respect plays a major role in our life, without it we cant improve any relationship.