By: Jaden O'Connell and Ben Nance


As of July of 2015 Venezuela has a total population of 29,275,560. Caracas, the capital of the country, is home to 3,153,000 citizens, or 13.1% of the population.


Venezuela covers up a total area of around 912,050 square kilometers. This is slightly more than twice the size of California. Also about the same as Texas and Oklahoma combined.


Venezuela's main dish, and favorite is called arepa, which is a corn pancake.

Home Life

Home life in Venezuela from what we know is that it is a terrible and dangerous place to be, now on the verge of a civil war. Their set curfew there is 6:00 PM.


Education in Venezuela is different but the same as us here in America. Their school days begin at 7:00 and go to about 12:45, then if you need to you can stay after school for certain classes and tests. However, they do take the same core classes as us (Ex. Maths, History, Language arts, etc.)


Venezuela has a variety of religions. Roman Catholic is the biggest in Venezuela having 88% of all people who attend religions, while the other 12% are Protestant.

Sports and Entertainment

The main sports played in Venezuela are Baseball and Soccer, But there is much more to keep you entertained. You can also hike up Mount Roraima or explore the city of Caracas, the capital.

Climate and Vegitation

Venezuela is usually warm year round with temps. between 45 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. They also receive more than 500 millimeters of rainfall a year. Most of the vegetation in Venezuela belongs to the huge rainforests, or also known as the Amazon jungle. This forest covers up almost 2.12 million miles.

Common Animals.

Some common animals in Venezuela are the Royal Flycatcher and the Red Handed Tamarin.


In Venezuela they use Bolivar.


Crafts in Venezuela usually include most pottery, baskets, hammocks, and lots of rugs


Most people work in Venezuela in the service industries like financial services and restaurants.

Famous people

Some famous people from Venezuela are Miguel Cabrera who is a famous baseball player, Liliner Hernandez who is a TV actress, and lastly Lele Pons who is a famous web video star.

Major cities

Some of the Major cities in Venezuela are Angel Falls, Coro, Merida state, Los Roques, and Henri Pittier. Angel Falls is a famous tourist site for is fantastic scenery and its sheer drop of over 1 km. Coro is the next great stop in Venezuela because of its museums and all of its cathedrals. After that, Merida State is great for being the base of the Andes mountain range which provides tons of trails and horseback riding. Los Roques is home to many species of birds on these islands. Here,there are tons of sight seeing places and great tourist attractions. Lastly, we have Henri Pittier, which is the oldest national park, home to 500 species of birds and is along the mountains.

Interesting facts

Slavery was abolished in 1854.

Venezuela is one of the founding members of OPEC.

Venezuela is one of the oldest democracies in South America.

The term Venezuela means " Little Venice".

Venezuela has more Miss Universes and Miss Worlds than any other country.

One Place to visit.

Definably Angel falls. It has awesome views, a 1 km drop, and is one of the tallest waterfalls in the world.