Mrs. Carlson's Weekly Newsletter

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The Life of Mrs. Carlson

Welcome Baby Foss!

Harrison Roger was born last Thursday! Here are just a few pictures from our visit!

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Reminders and Annoucements

Scholastic book orders are placed the last Friday of each month. Please click on the link below to place an online order. The next order will be placed Friday February 26th.

Reading Log: Students should be logging 30 minutes of reading at least 4 days per week. After reading is complete students should fill out the reading log and have you initial.

*February Reading Log due: Friday February 26th


  • February 10th- RIF Field Trip
  • February 12th- Daddy/Daughter Dance
  • February 15th-17th-Mid-winter Break
  • February 19th- Boys Sports Night 6:30-8:15
  • March 4th- Talent Show
  • March 25th- No School

Odds and Ends

  • Report Cards are coming home today! Please return envelope signed to communicate that you received the report card.
  • Spelling Test and Homework: New words coming home on Monday. The test will be Thursday February 11th.
  • Unit 3 Math Test: Thursday February 11th
  • Valentine's Day Party is Friday February 12th. Please send in children with a paper bag to decorate to hold their valentines. Class lists are coming home for reference. Bringing in Valentines are optional. If your child does want to participate, please be sure to include a valentine for each student.

Late Start Dates:

February 10th

February 24th

March 2nd

Questions to Ask Your Child

  • Where is your study guide? Can you walk be through how you figured out some of your answers?
  • What is a quotient? Dividend? Divisor?
  • How is your Adventure/Survival book wrapping up? How is your character changing and growing?
  • Did you book shop this week? What books are you currently reading in Reader's Workshop?
  • Did you check any books out of Mrs. Carlson's library this week? If not, try to find a book and bring it home this week!

  • Did you bring home your Friday Folder?
  • Can you share your planner with me?

This Week

  • In Math we continued our unit on division
  • Students learned the process of long division and have practiced applying that to 2, 3 and 4 digit dividends divided by 1 digit divisors.
  • Students also began apply their knowledge while completing story problems.
  • Students recalled the process of breaking down a story problem using the word CUBES.

C- Circle important numbers
U- Underline the question
B- Box the key words including the unit
E- Evaluate the problem and create the equation.
S- Solve the problem by showing your work and write the answer including the units

  • Please look below for a refresher on long division and division vocabulary.

  • Students learned about interpreting remainders. Students learned the word DURT to help them:

D- Drop It. Just use the quotients whole number in your answer.

U- Use it. Use just the remainder to answer your question.

R- Round it- Round it up to the next whole number. 23R3 would round up to 24.

T- Turn it into a fraction or decimal. We did not focus on this or practice this one, but they have it for future reference.

  • In Reading we continued our adventure survival unit.
  • Students have worked on noticing and re-reading descriptive passages in their story. It is within these passages that we learn about our characters. We can use character webs to keep track of what we've learned about our characters.
  • Students learned about utilizing different types of time lines to keep track of important events and descriptive passages.
  • Students analyzed characters critical choices (whether good or bad) and how those choices impacted their story.

  • In science we continued our new unit on ecosystems.
  • Students began looking at how water plants and animals depend on each other.
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Long division with 2 digit dividends
Long division with 3 digit dividends
Long division with 4 digit dividends

Next Week

READING: Unit 3- Adventure/Survival

Students will...

  • finish up their adventure survival books and reflect on how they grew as a reader by following their character's story.

  • make their learning visible by associating a color, image, and symbol to their book and justifying why they chose that certain color, image and symbol. Through this work, students will reflect on their learning through this unit.

MATH: Unit 3 Division

Students will...

  • review division concepts
  • take end of unit assessment

SCIENCE: Unit 4- Ecosystems

Students will...

  • continue thinking about ecosystems
  • continue putting together their aquarium and terrarium in preparation for the arrival of our land and water animals :)