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path to federation

Australia's fist feral federation parliament was formed on the first of January 1901 compared to some different parliaments around the world Australia's Is really quite younger and is based on practices and ideas from parliaments in centuries past

A parliament an assembly of elected representatives of a people or nation which forms the supreme legislative.


the senate

The other house of parliament is called the senate people of each sate and 2 territory elect 12 people to be there senators . No matter how big or small a state or territory is they have the same number of senators .

The camber is where they meet and it is decorated red the government member s sit in the seats to the left like the other chamber and the opposition sits to the opposite of them .

The seats in the curved part of the horse shoe are for member s of small parties and independence and in the main chair in the middle of the horse shoe the president of the senates sits he is in charge of the meeting .


Australia is divided up into different areas called electorates. For each electorates there is one seat in the house of representatives . Each electorates has about the same number of people living in it . At an election , the people of each electorates vote for a leader to go to parliament to speak for them that elected leader becomes the member of the house of representatives for that seat.


A main business of parliament is to make laws when a law is suggested it is called a bill then the bill is usually suggest at the house of representatives the bill is then explained and then all members discuss it some changes may be made and all members vote for or against the bill if it passed the vote it will go to the other house of representatives and the same thing happens sometimes it gets sent back and gets changed even more and maybe it passes another vote then it is called an act of parliament and the governor general signs it and it is a law that Australians obey.

Parliamentary Committes

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Parliamentary committees are an important thing of the work in parliament they investigate issues and bills which are proposed laws in detail so that the parliament are well in formed before they make a desion of national significance.

Three levels of government

There are three levels of government they work together as a team to provide services to Australia

The three levels of government are federal or nation parliament in Canberra

State or territory parliaments that work in each state or territory

And local councils which may be called shires or municipalities across the nation


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