Coding 4-5

MP4: Week 4

Do you hear that?

Games and other applications use sound effects and background music to add excitement! Let's practice using Scratch's sound-related blocks! After all, our Space Odyssey Program wouldn't be complete without sound!

Shorter Sound Effects

Composing Music: Play musical notes & compose your own music

"play note for beats": plays the note your choose for the # of beats you want

"set instrument to": which instrument the note should sound like

Check it out!

Controlling Volume

"set volume to %": command sets a sprite's loudness to a percentage of the speakers volume. However, it only effects the sprite that uses it (or the stage). So, if you want sounds to play at the same time with different volumes, you'll have to use multiple sprites.

"change volume by": reduces or increases the volume by the number you enter. Negative numbers make sounds softer and positive numbers make sounds louder.

Try it out!

This program shows a cats running down a lane. Try using the "change volume by" command to make the cat's meow fade away.

Click below:

This week:

  • We'll finish Space Odyssey by adding the stargate, sounds, and directions
  • Check the forum for my feedback! You can always re-submit projects or comments for credit!
  • There is nothing to submit in moodle this week!

See You In Cyberspace!