Christians Niccum

Olympic Luge Athelete

Christian Niccum History

Born January 27, 1978 he's been competing since 1998. He finished in 26th place of the winter Olympics in Turin. Four years later in Vancouver he finished sixth place in the Men's double event.

Since appearing in the 2010 Oympics Niccum has had a pretty rough patch, going through back surgery, rupturing his Achilles, and suffering multiple illnesses. And the scariest of all the premature birth of his third child Emmajo born six weeks early. The Seattle-times states "For anyone else, a once-in-a-lifetime bad patch. For Niccum, it’s just another Olympic quadrennial in a career of struggles, physical and financial, to keep alive a longshot dream of an Olympic medal."

More About Christian Niccum

Growing up in Woodinville, Washington, Niccum followed his older brothers into skateboarding, wakeboarding and BMX. At 12, he took his first simulated luge runs on a hill in downtown Seattle and immediately was hooked. He went on to win four consecutive Junior World Champion titles in doubles.

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